#efa16 Speakers Night 2016

AUG 27 | 19.30-21h
// by FAN and Club Alpbach Styria
@Congress Centrum Alpbach, Erwin-Schrödinger-Saal

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All information and data will only be used by IG Graz for the selection process. 

The deadline for registration is August 22nd 11:59pm. Everyone who registered will get a notification by August 24th whether she or he got one of the ten available spots or not. 

The selected participants are then asked to submit a CV and a photo to us, otherwise, the spot will be given to another participant.

ALL ten speakers for the Speakers Night will be selected by us during the selection process between August 17th and August 24th. No club or IG is guaranteed a spot beforehand nor will any application be considered at an earlier point in time.

Terms and Conditions